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Crucial Conversations

Acquire the Skills that Matter Most

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Crucial Conversations®, the flagship product series (including a New York Times bestselling book of the same title) of VitalSmarts, delivers a set of influence tools that vitalize companies, strengthen teams, improve communities, and enrich relationships.

This community is not run by VitalSmarts and is not for their benefit, but ours. It is moderated by renoir_girl who has read the book Crucial Conversations and strives (not necessarily with success) to apply it in daily life.

The weekly Crucial Skills Reminder used to be posted here for discussion, but discussion never happened. The last entry or two have links to the archive at VitalSmarts, and you can go there to sign up to receive the weekly newsletter, yourself. It is well worth it.

Links of interest:

Outline of Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when the stakes are high

Style Under Stress Test

The Style Under Stress Test is a 33-question assessment that allows you to see how you respond in crucial conversations in a specific relationship. The results indicate your natural tendencies to move toward silence or violence and it indicates the skills or tools in dialogue that you use well or need to improve in.
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Where Do You Stand? Self-Assessment

The "Where Do You Stand?" self-assessment consists of 35 questions designed to help you determine how well your family, team, and organization handle crucial confrontations.
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Can You Spot Crucial Skills in Action?

Learning crucial skills can be complicated and challenging. Watch a few short video clips to see if you can spot crucial skills in action (or the lack thereof). You’ll be surprised at the progress you can make in at least recognizing crucial skills.
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Try Your Hand at Role Play

Don’t simply talk about what you would do or say in crucial situations, play the part. Do your best to use the skill you are practicing.
View a Sample: Look at the Contrasting skill example and practice it

For Reading Groups

Whether it’s with a gathering of family members, friends, coworkers, or colleagues, a weekly discussion of our books can go a long way to deepening your understanding of how to use crucial skills to get the results you’re after.
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Sign up to download the Crucial Confrontations Discussion Questions